About This Exhibition

This exhibition marked 200 years of the Guardian newspaper and ran at the John Rylands Research Institute and Library from 24 June until 3 October 2021.

Objects showcased in the exhibition are from the Guardian (formerly Manchester Guardian) Archive in Manchester and the Guardian News and Media Archive in London.

The Guardian (formerly Manchester Guardian) Archive, dates from the newspaper’s foundation in 1821 to the early 1970s. The archive is open to all and located at the John Rylands Research Institute and Library in the heart of the city. To make an appointment please contact our Reader Services Team

Exhibition curators

  • Dr Janette Martin, Modern History Archivist
  • Karen Jacques, Collections Assistant
  • John McCrory, Reader Services Assistant

With thanks to

  • The estate of Nancy Cunard 
  • Dr Rebecca Gill, University of Huddersfield
  • The Guardian Foundation
  • Philippa Mole, Guardian News & Media
  • Professor Robert Poole, University of Central Lancashire
  • The Scott Trust

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