Mastheads from the 'Manchester Guardian' and 'Guardian' newspaper The Guardian in London and Manchester  c. 1977. Ref. GDN/Add Box 322/1

‘Manchester’s Guardian: 200 years of the Guardian newspaper’ marks the bicentenary of the Guardian newspaper, one of Manchester’s most enduring success stories. The first edition of the Manchester Guardian appeared on Saturday 5 May 1821 and from modest beginnings, it grew in national and international significance.  This exhibition explores key episodes from the newspaper’s long history to provoke discussion on how news is reported and accessed today.

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Facts are Sacred

On the 5 May 1821, the first edition of the Manchester Guardian was printed.

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Printing the Truth

The Manchester Guardian was one of the few English newspapers to criticise Hitler forcefully.

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April Fools

On 1 April 1977, the Guardian printed a feature on San Serriffe, a fictional archipelago located in the Indian Ocean.

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Under the editorship of CP Scott, the Manchester Guardian established itself as a moral voice.

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Manchester has a long association with anti-war causes.

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The Guardian Family

From caretakers to clerks, reporters to typists, the Manchester Guardian employed a range of workers.

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Manchester and the World

The Manchester Guardian was intimately bound up with Manchester’s history.

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Scott's Legacy

In 1872, when appointed editor of the Manchester Guardian, CP Scott was 26 years old. He remained in post for 57 years.