Colectivo Aguaturbia

The Aguaturbia Collective is a group made up of Afro-descendant artists living in Bogotá who practise in various disciplines and aspects of the artistic field. Using art, Aguaturbia seeks to address problems and issues related to the constructions of race in Colombian society and within the Afro-Colombian community and social movements.

The collective is located in a tradition of thought which is home to many generations of Afro-descendant intellectuals and creatives who form part of the African diaspora. The collective is committed to defending the knowledge produced by art and the emancipatory visions of the world that Afro artists have produced in Colombia. 

The animated infographic is part of an interactive file still under construction which is being developed within the framework of the Radical Afro Imagination (IRA) project. This project seeks to reflect on the memory, the historical record and the presence of Afro-descendant artists and creatives in the country's capital and to counteract practices of structural invisibility in culture and the arts.

The infographic is a register of numerous and varied Afro-Colombian figures and personalities from different artistic and intellectual fields, from 1733 (colonial period in Colombia) to the 2000s.

Despite the prolific nature of their contributions, the vast majority of these artists and cultural and intellectual creators remain on the margins of social recognition in Colombia and abroad.

The chronology is part of an interactive process that uses technology to collect information and record works, artists and memories through digital channels. QR codes, online forms, open video playback and storage platforms such as Vimeo are part of the effort to unite artistic practice and digital and audio-visual documentation technologies.


As outlined in the publicity document (in PDF), the IRA project, a living archive of anti-racist artistic practices, is also a space to think about and propose other registers for the representation and participation of Black, Afro-descendant, Raizal and Palenquera communities in Colombia, as part of an anti-racist strategy.



The Colectivo Aguaturbia is made up of Afro-descendant artists:

  • Liliana Angulo Cortés
  • Laura Asprilla Carrillo
  • Wilson Borja Marroquín
  • Paola Lucumi
  • Loretta M. Moreno
  • Natalia Mosquera Valencia
  • Leonardo Rua Puerta