Section 2 - Fantasy

Flora Alvarado and Abril Carissimo, edited by Ana Vivaldi

What does it mean to be able to imagine other possible worlds? Other possibilities of existence?

For racialised people, specific spaces, jobs, and themes seem first a fantasy. The pedagogical role and the request for permission heavily constrain the creation process. Still, racialised art has also developed its tools to confront an art world that has always defined it as otherness. The creation of new worlds allows for a while to exist beyond standard Eurocentric notions. Through fantasy, the alternative to the fictional settings of the outside is found, the fiction that maintains the hierarchies and racist stereotypes of everyday life. To be a Marrón artist should not mean to live with a stigma and limitations: racialised people should not just be exotic solemn propagandists.

These works have in common the creation of these new worlds, the possibility of moving away from having to justify their existence. They are productions made from Marrón fantasy, making the imaginary real and tangible.