Olinda Yawar Tupinamba

Preconceito (Prejudice) is a performance video that discusses the enduring state of prejudice that Indigenous people face. Olinda Yawar Muniz Wanderley, a Tupinambá and Pataxó Hãhãhãe journalist, documentary and filmmaker from Bahia, Brazil, juxtaposes the various stereotypes projected onto Indigenous peoples, inviting viewers to take a critical view of them.

By doing so, she calls into question the notions that there are almost no Indigenous people left in Brazil; that there is too much land for too few Indigenous people; that Indigenous people have many privileges; that Indigenous people are lazy and don't like to work; that Indigenous people are a hindrance to the development of Brazil; and that Indigenous people could be classified (for example, in the census) as pardos (brown people). Olinda dances to the sound of "Xenofunk", an electronic music piece by Indigenous producer Nelson D, who sings that “difference is my treasure", "difference is my destiny", "difference brings me closer to you".

She concludes by asking: "everyone has Indigenous blood in Brazil, some on their hands, others in their veins, others in their souls. Where is yours?".