Hanna Ramirez

Hanna Ramírez is an Afro-Colombian woman, based in Cali, Colombia. She has a Master’s degree in Visual Arts and works illustration, design and ceramics. She is interested in showing the diversity of Afro-diasporic experiences and connections among Afro-descendants in urban and community contexts. Her work emerges from her own experience of self-recognition and affirmation of identity, shaped by the influence of other artists in Colombia. Her illustrations are characterised by a hyper-realist aesthetic, which uses strong colours and thick strokes to sketch human outlines. In this, features of physical appearance are highlighted along with elements of working-class Afro cultures, in contexts of conviviality and festivity.

The artist’s collaborations with the CARLA project consist of illustrating the poem “Muchacha de las aguas, Gimaní” by Pedro Blas Julio Romero