Wilson Borja

Wilson Borja is an Afro-Colombian illustrator, graphic designer and teacher, based in Bogotá. His work focuses on expanding knowledge about people and cultures of African descent in the diaspora, through a combination of innovative techniques of illustration, animation, drawing and photography, among others. He revitalizes cultural traditions of African origin and explores historical sources on the transatlantic slave trade and the strategies of resistance used by people of the Afro diaspora. In his “art-ivism”, his commitment to the Afro population guides his artistic creation.

His collaborations with the CARLA project are based on the illustrations of the poems of the writer and poet Ashanti Dinah, corresponding to her collection of poems, Las semillas del Muntú. Borja's visual interpretation highlights elements of the spirituality of the African diaspora, emphasising the presence of the ancestors, the communion between the living and the dead, and the integration between the human and natural world.

Illustration by Wilson Borja in response to Ashanti Dinah's poetry.

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