Prophetic readings from Bukhara

Many Iranian Jews, like Yemenite Jews, were multilingual. This liturgical manuscript contains the Hafṭarot, the weekly readings from the biblical books of the Prophets. The readings are in three languages with alternating verses: the original Hebrew text is followed by the vocalised Aramaic, and then by an unvocalised Judeo-Persian translation. The Hebrew and Aramaic texts are sometimes vocalised, that is, the vowels are added to the consonants showing how to read them correctly. Because Judeo-Persian was the everyday language of the reader, it did not need vocalisation marks.  


Bukhara (today in Uzbekistan), 15th or 16th century (?)
Gaster Hebrew MS Add 13
Folio 106b from Gaster Hebrew MS Add 13, showing text in Hebrew, Aramaic, and a Judeo-Persian translation.

Folio 106b

Haftarah for the first Parashah of Leviticus beginning with Isaiah 43:21.