Sephardi Haggadah

One of the most famous Hebrew manuscripts in the Rylands is this Passover Haggadah from 14th-century Catalonia. This small volume contains a biblical picture cycle and numerous exquisite initial-word panels and marginal decorations full of intricate details barely visible to the naked eye. The scribe uses micrography, twisting the lines of words into floral and geometric shapes. Using the digital image, you can easily rotate the page to read the text, and zoom into tiny details. 

Passover Haggadah

Catalonia (Spain), 1335-1340
Hebrew MS 6
Folios 18b - 19a

Folios 18b-19a: The Israelites are leaving Egypt and the Egyptians are pursuing them(right); the crossing of the dead sea (left). Zoom in to see the drowned Egyptians under the waves (Exodus 14:21-22). 

Crop from Hebrew MS 6, showing a hare-hunt and the hunter with the dead hare on his back.

The song Dayenu (It would have been enough). Spot the blood drops on the rabbits!

Crop from folio 41a, featuring micrography in the shape of a dog hunting a stag, and a dog hunting a hare.

Micrography in the outer margin, rotated.